Jul 21, 2007

India - EcoTourism

My recent visit to Sonapani - a small village near Nainital - about an hour and a half away, opened my eyes to the immense possibilities that enterprise and nature bestows in the area. A resort that is being run by an enterprising young man, is helping provide employment to the village folk, and is leveraging on the very environment ( without affecting it negatively) is a big achievement. If there were about a 100 such resorts set up in a state, tourism would surely be a big opportunity provider for the people of every state. The assumption is that there are many such locales available in every state that can be leveraged well - what is missing are the enterprising young people..

Solar Power

Its time that India (and its people) realise how fortunate they are in owning so much of land resources. Being one of the larger countries ( in terms of population of course - but also area), the sun alone can generate so much energy for our needs, the possibilities are huge. I would be keen to help people out realise this - and create as much awareness as possible in the area of harnessing solar power for the benefit of all. Do keep visiting this blog and shall ensure that theres new content thats relevant for all of you who are interested..