Sep 9, 2008

Solar Facts

Folks .. you are welcome to keep adding facts on solar power to educate all visitors / readers..
Here are a couple of them..
# India recieves enough solar power in 2 hrs ( on its land area) that were if tapped completely meet its power requirements for a year.


Manuj said...

Our Government is very supportive in promoting initiatives in rural areas.
We should catch this opportunity.

Pure-n-Green said...


Infact very little is being done by way of subsidies to promote use of renewable energy technology in urban india. The approach can be used to shave off peak power requirements in urban areas effectively, if the subsidies are promoted well, and administered well. The issue is that urbanites tend to shy away from the complexities involved in availing subsidies - neither are they well advertised and marketed agressively.

Manuj said...

The subsidies and carbon credits really need to be known and don't end up as trade secrets.

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