Sep 9, 2008

Urban poor

I spoke to one of the enlightened community member who professes use of solar power in day to day lives. One of his comments was that if the urban set of customers adopt the use of solar power, the rural poor shall follow. That set me off thinking...

And I went ahead and spoke to some of the residents..notably, it was not the well off residents in the high rise apartment buildings, or bungalows who gave an encouraging response - it was the panwallah and the local vegetable vendor. It was this section who was the most gungho on using advanced technology ( while they may not be aware of the imminent benefits that can follow on global warming and climate change), they were looking at it from a pure economical sense. Today, the poor guy spends close to INR 200-250 on using LPG / other options every month for lighting purpose. Solar Power could achive this purpose for free - albeit at an upfront cost. If only, we could work on a solution for providing this technology for this set of customers. And there are millions of them in India. Any solutions ?


Manuj said...

We have to estimate how many hours and watts of energy is required by an individual. Transitionally, this energy bank should be distributed in customizable modes too. Study of sunshine available would be of help. Also battery designs require thorough research and redesign and probably addon modules/upgrades should be considered.

Manuj said...

OMI-how much they waste in tobacco addiction can be diverted to energy.

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