Jul 5, 2010

Launching the rent-a-tubelight model..!

At Urja Unlimited, we are now in the midst of a major revamp, wherein we want to expose more hawkers to the benefits of LED lighting. In a sense, they will leapfrog the energy efficiency revolution moving directly from Petromax and Fossil Fuel based lighting solutions to LED technology - which as urban residents many of us cannot access readily in marketplaces, or find expensive to install in our homes.

The daily rental model allows certain hawkers, who have been stationed at a particular place for a long time, to avail of solar based lighting through LED, and meet illumination needs. The lumen output is above 200 lumens, and the lux is higher than 10 lux since the light is not installed more than 2-2.5 ft away from the shelf level.

Before launch, we though of several issues - what if the hawkers run away, what if they dont pay - and then sanity prevailed - it is highly improbable for ALL the hawkers to run away, for so LITTLE an amount - but there is potential to do such a lot of good work.. and it is therefore important to disseminate and provide awareness in the market. Wouldnt it be great, to see many - perhaps thousands, millions of hawkers using solar lighting and LED tubelights - would it be a new market phenomenon, have there been case studies of marketing success around hawkers introducing a new product like this, would certain urban consumers turn green when they see fancy LED tubelights at the local paanshop ! - I am not sure, but lets give it a shot .. what say ?

May 18, 2010

Village Entrepreneurship Program

We have now launched the village entrepreneurship program that has started to yeild the right results. The program launched under the Urja Unnati banner, seeks to empower 1000 energy entrepreneurs who can further build awareness around clean energy technologies, and the possibilities in villages and rural India. The program seeks to provide a livelihood opportunity to the young village entrepreneur who wants to move ahead, and can get people around to move ahead. We saw this spark in a young man in Seekhri village and he is now running the mantle for dispensing clean solar powered technology in his area. I am sure there are many others, who are bright and young minds, and want to move ahead.. we seek your help in getting in touch with such people - they may be located in villages, cities, towns that you are located in - they may be your maid's cleaning ladies' nephew, (or uncle !) and you could meet that person at any corner.. do your bit, help these people come up - and we shall help them to get the right training and awareness about the opportunity.. there is a lot of satisfaction that comes by, while providing livelihood options to the needy...!