May 20, 2012

Odisha implementing solar in the state : OREDA's Ambitious Program

Odisha has selected Bhubaneshwar as the city, with focus on increasing awareness around use of renewable energy - with a focus around solar power. The secratariat building is going in for a 50KW power plant, using solar panels and supplying part of the daily power requirement. It is likely that the power plant is set up and inaugurated on June 5 - World Environment Day.

May 15, 2012

0.1% of households use solar power in Gurgaon

An interesting article and comparison on various cities in Haryana and which ones use more solar power. The point is what incentive exists for residents in cities to use solar power. With access to grid power, most residents would prefer to use inverters to power household needs [ if one was to look at economic reasons alone ]. If however, there was a case that can be built up, to combine with subsidy and look at a reduced cost for installing solar rooftop plant, there could be a case that could be built for this decision [ the payback is still around 5 years and beyond the period that may be considered ' tempting' for a household ].

First 2 MW solar power plant of Uttar Pradesh switched on : CM Akhilesh

Finally the national mission has started to yield the desired results, combined with the need to have a quota of power via solar and via renewables, utility scale solar power plants have started to come online and feeding renewable solar power into the grid. 

Solar Water Pumping in Bihar, CM Nitish shows the way

Here is some news related to Bihar's experiments with solar water pumping. While the CM Nitish Kumar has installed solar power at his residence, he is also looking to promote solar water pumping as an option. 
In summary, these solar pumps will help farmers realise their dream of growing at least three crops a year. This system is also believed to be simple, low cost, highly sustainable and non-polluting, and also

Apr 22, 2012

Welspun, Sunborne win solar plant deal

Looks like the solar PV rates are crashing - this may be good news, and can help utilities achieve their RE targets - they seem to be so far behind and have a lot of catching up to do.

Welspun, Sunborne win solar plant deal