Feb 13, 2017

Solar on Rooftops : The 'why' answered...

Typically, most householders / office owners are looking to install solar on the rooftops for the following reasons

Lower Monthly Electricity Bills

India is a hot country and most homes and offices run air conditioning for 5-6 months in an year on a regular basis. Some of the upper middle class owners would run on climate control for atleast 8-9 months. These appliances are the biggest consumers of energy. With most electric utilities charging between Rs. 8-10 for electricity costs, monthly bills spiral upwards in the hot summer months. Solar Power costs are much lower in the vicinity of

Feb 7, 2017

Solar Power makes sense, only if you scale

A Game of Scale

It is a game that has played out in the Western world already, Solar Power business is more and more getting tilted towards the larger players. Smaller entities are getting pushed to being Tier 1 or Tier 2 sub contractors. Solar power, which once fostered small enterprises, is transforming into a scale-based opportunity. As tariffs hit record lows crimping returns, smaller firms are either scaling down or selling out. The main components in any solar plant installation are the solar modules. The international market has plenty to offer, at low rates. The Chinese manufacturers of solar cells and modules are willing to offer this at very competitive prices, as compared to local players, for chosen players who are able to provide them with scale. Indian players have their production capacity full at times and really cant lower and compete with this level of pricing.
The top players have moved quickly, and data shows that the top 10 solar project developers have raked in new business quickly in the FY 2015-16, to jump from a 35% share to over 60% share in new business / new plants set up.

Funding holds the key 

The solar industry is no longer a technology play. It never was. Building and installing solar plants is more project management. But the key really is