May 26, 2017

New Solar Policy for Delhi : All of it explained here

With the New Delhi government bringing out the new solar policy for Delhi, it may be indeed good times for the building owners and residents. We try and bring out the various perspectives and elements here, and help consumers make a choice for themselves.

Who can install solar ?

All residential and commercial rooftop owners are eligible to install solar panels on rooftop. Infact, the government has also identified certain govt offices and buildings, where solar panels can provide electricity. For most government owned buildings and campuses, it is mandatory to install solar PV

May 16, 2017

RFID Tags in Solar Panels / Solar Plants

Various policy measures have been put in place, based on recommendations of experts. These relate to power evacuation, subsidies and eligibility of solar panels to be used for setting up plants, even players who can and who cannot put solar plants based on recommendations / user experiences. All of this is good, and sign of a maturing solar economy that India is moving towards. Rightly so, since now India is poised to be the third largest solar market in the world, and has pipped Japan and the US in the ranking order. We draw attention to one such policy related to solar panels being manufactured in India, and use of RFID tags. This is one step that the department has taken to ensure that the minimum technical standards are reached, and maintained by quality manufacturers. This is also become a requirement for any government project, or a project that envisages some form of subsidy that the government provides on installing solar panels ( such as solar rooftop plants on institutions, NGOs, or schools and colleges).
The MNRE mandates that