Dec 13, 2018

Easy Finance for Home Solar Systems : The Growth Story

In today's world, it is somewhat easy to get consumer loan and credit for purchasing consumer durables. However, many low income households, that may not have access to even basic amenities, such as electricity and education or clean water have difficulty in accessing such finance. Only, if there was some (organised) financing that was available, and specifically for these customer segments, it can help them pull out of poverty and how..lets see a case of solar lighting for homes that

Nov 14, 2018

Where should you go for subsidies in your state ?

In India, there is a massive thrust around state and center subsidies for solar rooftop and installations. While there is the advantage of accelerated depreciation for business entities, for domestic and non profit entities, and in schools / colleges, there are subsidies available that vary from state to state.

Lack of information causes much confusion. In a bid to clear this confusion, we are enlisting